Meeting A Distant (?) Cousin

A special thank you to Lisa Louise Cooke of the Genealogy Gems Podcast and Randy Seaver of Genea-Musings for their recognition of this blog. Lisa mentioned the blog in Episode 89 (and extended her best wishes for my recovery from a ‘mini-stroke’ that I encountered last month – I’m doing fine thanks!) and Randy listed the blog in his regular feature, “Best of the Genea-Blogs – May 16 – 22, 2010.”

When I began the blog last August, with encouragement through podcasts such as Lisa’s and genealogy blogs such as Randy’s, I hoped that it would provide a means of sharing family stories that I had amassed (I thought) with family members spread across the Province of Ontario, Canada. As a family, we don’t get together very often and a blog seemed like a good forum for posting some pictures and telling some stories.

Little did I think that this ‘little’ blog would be read in 30+ countries and lead to the establishment of relationships with cousins I had never met, who lived in other parts of the world, like Australia, Finland, and the home of my ancestral roots, Scotland.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting a third cousin who lives around the proverbial ‘corner.’ The story is simple enough. Fiona Thomson was conducting some family research in Scotland where she lives, and found my blog through a Internet search. On seeing that the family stories I was recounting were about her family as well, she contacted me by email and we soon determined that we were third cousins. She thought it also strange when she noted that I live in Pickering, Ontario as she has a first cousin from the same family line who also lives in the small city of Pickering.

Eventually, June Morrison and I were able to make contact, discovered that we are third cousins and live within about a mile of each other. So, yesterday, we met for a visit over coffee at a local coffee shop. The first of, I hope, many times that we cousins will have a chance to visit. We have years of catching up to do – all thanks to a ‘little’ genealogy blog!

4 thoughts on “Meeting A Distant (?) Cousin

  1. It is so great to see all the great contacts that genealogy blogs lead to among researchers. Lisa Swanson Ellam at The Faces of My Family has also been lucky this week, as have I. But when we started … whodathunkit? Glad you are back to blogging.

  2. Ian, I think you and your third cousin resemble each other.

    p.s. How come you have more female followers, huh 🙂

  3. Hi
    You may have found another cousin. My grandfather John Stalker Gaull born Inverurie area Aberdeenshire 1892.
    Having difficulty posting comments. You will either have no comments or dozens. Been trying all afternoon and evening. My email address is

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