A Milestone For The Family Patriarch

Our family is celebrating a special event this weekend as the family patriarch, my father, Lewis John Hadden reaches the age of 80 – although arguably he looks and acts like he is going on 60! Dad was born in 1930 and we often teased that the world went into postpartum depression as a result. Educated in Toronto, among his many achievements, he went on to an almost 40 year career with Ontario Hydro, designing power plants that continue to operate around the province. Among his many professional achievements was the introduction of computer-aided design (CAD) to Ontario Hydro despite, to this day, not being able to operate a computer which he easily explains as being the result of ensuring his staff could operate the system so he didn’t need to.

To celebrate the occasion, my sister hosted a dinner in his honour that included a fabulous meal complete with haggis! My father, the oldest in his family, was joined by his brother, Douglas, and sister Carol, who were able to travel from opposite parts of the province, for the celebration. This was special as the family doesn’t often have a chance to get together which made the get-together that much more memorable.

Below, Doug Hadden, Carol Royle (nee Hadden) and my father, Lewis John Hadden celebrate the milestone birthday!

About 30 years ago, my father (wearing the clan tartan kilt below) got together with his father (centre) and his sister Carol and brothers Jim (deceased) and Doug at Doug’s farm near Belleville, Ontario.

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