Lest We Forget – The Hadden-Wagner Wall of Fame

At the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, we pause to reflect and remember those who went before us, bravely sacrificing their youth and in too many cases their lives, for our freedom.

The following is the list of those known brave ancestors, some from my family and some from Ellen’s, who gave so much. Each year this list is updated to include family members whom we have come to learn have served our country through their military service and sacrifice.
Sadly, but very proudly, more names are being added to the family’s Wall of Fame this year. The names of four additional heroes, all from World War I and all volunteers for the Canadian Expeditionary Force.

Today especially, we remember them. They shall not be forgotten.

World War I

GAMMIE, James (1895-1918), Private, Canadian Expeditionary Force, killed in action

GAMMIE, Peter (1893-1984), Private, Canadian Expeditionary Force (enlisted, not sent overseas)

GORDON, Alexander Garrow Duncan (1891-1917), Private, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, killed in action

MCRAE John_in_uniform_circa_1914

MCCRAE, John MD (1872-1918), Lieutenant Colonel, No. 3 Canadian General Hospital, died in service

MERNER, Albert Edward ‘Herbert’ (1897-1917), Canadian Expeditionary Force, killed in action

TRIGGS, James Little (1899-1916), Cabin Boy, Royal Navy, killed in action

TRIGGS, Phillip (1899-1967), Cabin Boy, Royal Navy

FINDLATER, William (1880-1918), British Army, died at home from wounds

FILKIN, Carl William (1897-1976), Canadian Expeditionary Force, lost left arm to shrapnel gun shot wound in France

SHAUGHNESSY William DArcy Catherine and son gravestone St Francis Cemetery Ajax

SHAUGHNESSY, William D’Arcy, Sr. (1883-1953), Canadian Expeditionary Force, 123rd Battalion, Royal Grenadiers

BREITHAUPT, Carl Louis (1896-1946), Canadian Expeditionary Force

BREITHAUPT, William Walter (1894-1977), Canadian Expeditionary Force

KNETCHEL, Norval Laverne ((1895-1968), Canadian Expeditionary Force

MCRAE, Philip Ambrose (1879-1965), Canadian Expeditionary Force


World War II

SENATO, Nicola F. (1913-1945), U.S. Army, killed in action, Japan

NUSBICKEL, Thomas Raymond (1923-2002), U.S. Army

GAULL, George Leonard ‘Lenny’ (1920-2013), Canadian Armed Forces

MORGAN, Bruce Evan, M.D. (1924-2007), Navigator, Canadian Air Force

SHAUGHNESSY William DArcy Catherine and son gravestone St Francis Cemetery Ajax

SHAUGHNESSY, William D’Arcy, Jr. (1924-1945) Canadian Armed Forces, 6th Armoured Regiment, killed in action, The Netherlands

WAGNER, Carl Francis (1917-1993), Canadian Armed Forces

WAGNER, Gordon Gilbert Henry (1914-1994), Canadian Armed Forces

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  1. Hello, I am a relative of Alfred Bender, He is the Brother of John Peter Bender and son of George Jacob Bender, my Grandfather (Milton Benders) Ancle. I am looking for information and photos if available. All very involved in the Zion Church, alot of family members. I am interest in geneology, and I would appreciate any information if available. thanks Janice Bender

  2. Trying to find relatives of Leslie Hadden, Alex Hadden who may have had a sister Lizzie. Through an estate sale in Selma, Alabama, USA, I acquired postcards dated 1906 written to these people in Vachell Ont from someone named Jessie.

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