Sentimental Saturday – Christmas Mornings

Christmas morning is always special for those who celebrate the holiday.

We remember back to the days of our childhood and the anticipation of seeing the Christmas tree, all aglow, with gifts from Santa all around.

Or, perhaps, we remember the excited looks on the faces of our own children as they made there way to the Christmas tree.

The excitement is palpable. Shrieks of joy are allowed. Christmas morning was one of the few times when a little bit of shrieking was tolerated.

If you were the oldest child in the family as I was, and as was my late wife Karen, everything you saw was yours! No sharing. You didn’t even need to read gift tags because every gift tag had your name on it.

HADDEN Ian Christmas morning 1958-59

Yours Truly, Christmas morning, about 1957

BENEDETTO Karen Ann 25 Dec 1959

Karen Benedetto, December 25, 1959




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