Sentimental Saturday – A Young Mountie

I’m posting photos from my collection of family photographs on Saturdays with a brief explanation of what I know about each picture.

My father had a knack, or maybe it was a real talent, for finding unique gifts.

I didn’t have a small wooden rocking horse. No, I had a rocking horse with a full cast metal body and rubber mane and tail. The horse was larger than I was and remained with our family for many, many years.

Years later, when my father was a grandfather, he found a large stuffed rocking Husky dog, completed with saddle and snap-down street worthy wheel assembly as a Christmas gift for my son, his first grandchild.

I suspect that this photo was taken by my father probably around 1957 or 1958. I also suspect that the little Royal Canadian Mounted Police or ‘Mountie’ uniform was something that my mother purchased.

Ian Hadden, probably around 1958

Ian Hadden, probably around 1958

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