Sentimental Saturday – Christening Day

I’m posting photos from my collection of family photographs on Saturdays with a brief explanation of what I know about each picture.

Carl Wagner holds his son 'Ted' on the aby's christening day

Carl Wagner holds his son ‘Ted’ on christening day

Four generations of the Wagner family. Gathered to celebrate the christening of Carl and Tess (Latimer) Wagner’s first child, Carl Edward ‘Ted’ Wagner.

The photo was likely taken by Tess who also provided the names of those in the photo by writing them on the back of the picture.

On the left is Ted’s great grandfather, Rev. Louis Henry Wagner who conducted the christening. On Carl’s left (the far right of the photo) is Margaret Florence (Wagner) Knetchel, the sister of Carl’s father. According to Tess’ notes on the back of the photo, the christening took place sometime in October 1943, a time when the world was at war and Carl was serving in the army.


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