Sentimental Saturday – Andy and Louise Get Married

I’m posting photos from my collection of family photographs on Saturdays with a brief explanation of what I know about each picture.

This is wedding photo of Andrew Gammie (Andy) Hadden and his bride Louise Schmidt. The wedding took place in Saskatchewan, Canada. The precise date and location is still unknown to me. When the rest of his family was preparing to move to Toronto, Ontario around 1927, Andy (my grand uncle) got married and remained in Saskatchewan where he and Louise established a farm on his homestead.

HADDEN Andy and Louise wedding

2 thoughts on “Sentimental Saturday – Andy and Louise Get Married

  1. Great pic! I am Andrew and Louise’s great-grand daughter, just researching the family. Thanks for posting!

  2. Hi Ian,
    This photo is of my maternal grandparents.
    My mother is the youngest child of Andrew and Louise.
    Unfortunately I know very little about my family history before this.

    Best regards, Triecial Anonychuk

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