Sentimental Saturday – Spending Time With Uncle Jim

I’m posting photos from my collection on Saturdays with a brief explanation of what I know about each picture.

My uncle James (Jim) Hadden (1935-2005) and yours truly spent some time contemplating the mysteries of life and our plans for the universe.  Actually, I was probably trying to convince him that getting an ice cream cone was a really good idea. The photo was taken around June 1958 when I was visiting my paternal grandparent’s home at 53 Darrell Avenue in Toronto.

Uncle Jim was a career firefighter in the city of Toronto and was very well liked by his colleague firefighters who enjoyed being on shift with him because he was an exceptional cook! They were not as thrilled with him, on that one occasion, when he required that they eat an appetizer of haggis before he served the main meal.

HADDEN Ian and Uncle Jim June 1958

2 thoughts on “Sentimental Saturday – Spending Time With Uncle Jim

  1. Thanks Ian, I am extremely excited that I found this site that you have put together. I have been looking for anything about my father A.James,Hadden. I also have some of the exact pictures that you have posted 1 being of 57 Bon Accord ST, also some others that I cherish very dearly, some of gramps Hadden and other old fun pictures.I miss Dad so very very much that at times when ever I hear a BIG red truck racing down the street I can’t help but to stop and remember all the days that I had at the many halls that he worked at.I look forward to reading all Hadden wrights, photos and lots more that you have wonderfuly put together. thank you very much best S.J.Hadden

    • Stuart, I’m happy to see that you found my site. I’ve been researching our family history for almost 40 years so I hope you enjoy some of the family stories now verified with documentation.

      I certainly remember a lot of happy times with your Dad and him letting me slide down the pole in the fire station at Centre Island. Most of all, I remember his laugh.

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