Amy (Squires) Knox And The Red Cross Of Livermore, California

My wife Ellen’s cousin, Pam Marino of California, has kindly provided the photo below which shows Ellen’s great grandmother Amy (Squires) Knox in her role as Chairwoman of the local Red Cross in Livermore, California. The photo is dated as being taken in 1918.

Amy Knox was the wife of Thomas Elliott ‘Tom’ Knox, the Mayor and Postmaster of Livermore, California in the early 20th century. Tom was nominated and appointed to the position of Postmaster by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1903.

The occasion and location of the photo was not noted in the photo’s back, just Amy’s name as “Mrs. T. E. Knox Chairman Livermore Red Cross.” The man standing beside Amy bearing the U.S. flag appears to be a member of the Livermore Fire Department based on the “L F D” insignia on his peaked cap. It is possible that the photo was taken at the first Livermore Rodeo. in 1918, with World War 1 raging, the Red Cross was in desperate need of funding and so each California city and town was assessed $1,200. A man named John McGlinchey devised the idea to hold a fund raising rodeo. That first rodeo was successful in raising the needed funds for the Red Cross and the tradition of the Livermore Rodeo was born.

My thanks to Pam for sharing the photo in all of its historic glory.

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