Minnie Has Been Identified!

Back in November (2012) I posted a photograph that had been sent to my paternal grandmother, Agnes Hadden (nee Little). The photograph of a young woman included an inscription on the back “To Agnes from Minnie with Love.” I had no idea as to who Minnie might be and what connection she had with my grandmother.

Minnie (seen above in the photo sent to my grandmother) turns out to be Wiliamina ‘Minnie’ Gammie. Minnie was identified by my cousin David Hadden of Florida.

Here’s what I know of Minnie: she was born Williamina Alexander in 1904 in Aberdeen, Scotland. In 1905, she was adopted by Andrew and Helen Gammie (Helen Gammie was Helen Shand when she gave birth to my great grandfather Alexander Shand Hadden in 1883). 

There were four Williamina Alexanders born in 1904 – 1905 in Aberdeenshire and as I don’t know the names of either of her birth parents, I can’t pinpoint nor document her exact date of birth. In April of 1907, Minnie, as she was referred to, boarded the ship ‘Lake Erie’ and immigrated to Canada with her Gammie family consisting of parents Andrew and Helen, brothers Andrew, Peter and James, and sister Helen Ruby ‘Ella.’ The ship’s passenger list that documents the journey records that the family arrived in Saint John, New Brunswick and was bound for Saskatchewan.

Minnie married George Loken in 1927 and passed away in Swift Current, Saskatchewan in 1986.

I am unsure as to the connection with my grandmother but can theorize that Minnie may have met my grandmother while visiting the family when travelling through Toronto and they struck up a friendship.

Many thanks to my cousin David and for those of you who offered great suggestions on how I might try to identify Minnie.

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