Edwin Cyprian Mcrae – Corrected Information

On April 28, 2011, I posted a story about my maternal second cousin, Edwin Cyprian McRae.

Edwin was quite the smart fellow: an engineer (according to his Michigan marriage registration in 1924; the company attorney for a Detroit auto company; and, an inventor who was granted 28 patents on everything from an anti-skid braking control system to a vehicle torque converter to a ball cock valve.

In my post however, I indicated that Edwin passed away in 1983. I have been contacted by Edwin’s granddaughter who corrected me, stating he died in 1993. I checked my database and sure enough, I have his year of death listed as 1993. I can only assume that the error was a result of my clumsy typing skills.

My thanks to Edwin’s granddaughter, also a cousin to me, for pointing out this date error. The details count!

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  1. I am his granddaughter. My mother was is his daughter. We are still located very close to our farm that we all grew up to love just as much as he did. There is so much information many people don’t know. He was a genius.

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