Special Family Relationships – A Post Script

Yesterday, I shared the special relationship that I had with my ‘Aunt’ Alice Leblanc. Today, while getting in some very early spring cleaning, I found a letter from ‘Aunt’ Alice to my mother, which I will confess was improperly stored in a 1970’s gum-glue, plastic sheet covered page photo album. Mea culpa to all the cringing family archivists!

The letter is dated on my birthday in 1962 (the writing of the date appears to be something that my mother did after she received the letter and decided to keep it). It reads:

“Dear Anna,

I hope you will forgive Allan for not going to the party [this refers to my birthday party]. I can’t talk him into it. I know he would like to go, he likes to be with Ian but he doesn’t like party’s (sic) or a crowd. I said to Ian, do you mind if Allan don’t (sic) go, he said, oh no, I’ll still get eleven present (sic) anyway, ha ha. It was so funny I laughed my head off. He’s really enjoying himself here today. He’s watching Allan work at his investment down the basement (sic). And he’s waring (sic) the gas mask in case something will explode. He says when he first came in this morning, he says I’m seven today but I’m not big. I’m not as big as I thought I’d be. He sounded so dissapointed (sic). Well Anna excuse the writing and I hope you will excuse Allan and the small gift. We’ll see you sometimes.

So long, Alice”

While I can’t say that I remember the visit that day, I do remember so much of the time that I spent with Aunt Alice.

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