Finding My Blog

A short time ago, genealogy blogger ‘guru’ Randy Seaver suggested as a ‘Saturday Night Fun’ theme that bloggers share some of the search terms that have been used to find their blogs. I didn’t have the time when this activity was suggested but was intrigued and wanted to do some exploring through the search terms used by people around the world to find my blog.

I used the tools included in both Blogger and Statcounter to review the most common search terms that lead folks to this blog. I was surprised, although it is probably the most obvious term, that most people found my blog by searching for ‘Ian Hadden.’

But when I saw that someone was searching for ‘Ian Hadden injuries’, I started to worry – what did they know that I didn’t? Next, I noticed my condition worsening when someone searched for ‘Ian Hadden death.’ After my recent spell in hospital, I wrote it off as someone’s wishful thinking. This has recently been topped by someone searching for ‘Ian Hadden suicide.’ I guess the coroner’s report is in or someone is speculating?

I have absolutely nothing against search engines like Google sending readers to my blog. That is, in essence, what I hope will happen but what I don’t understand about search engines is how someone searching for ‘nudist families’ is sent to me? I am not a ‘naturalist,’ and that’s a very good thing for everyone’s sake, and I don’t know of any family members, past or present, who practised that lifestyle!

And finally, what is Google thinking when they send people to my blog who have searched for ‘old person crossing finish line.’ Next year, when I retire from my ‘day job’ that might be appropriate but it feels a bit premature at present!

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