Sentimental Sunday – Sibling Photos

At my son’s recent wedding (see John and Maryann Got Married!), my sister, Lou-Anne insisted on having a photo taken of the ‘senior’ Hadden siblings – Lou-Anne, our brother Bob and myself. The photo below is the result of Lou-Anne’s insistence.

In our sibline, I am the oldest, followed by Lou-Anne, and then Bob. The same order as we stood together for the photo. (Two brothers, Brian and Stephen who were born between myself and Lou-Anne died at 2 months and 14 months respectively).

The photo seemed to be a first. For some reason I couldn’t remember another time when we had a photo taken of just the three of us. There were photos of us with our spouses or children but nothing in which the three ‘kids’ were together. That is, until I came across the gem below, taken around 1965, that captured our annual visit with Santa (oh, and that thing I’m wearing is my Daniel Boone ‘bulky-knit’ sweater, hand made by our mother).

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