Queen Elizabeth Visits My Office

Well, not really but on July 6th, she was just across the street. I am fortunate in that the windows of my office offer a postcard view of the Ontario Legislative Building in downtown Toronto, Ontario (pictured to the right from my office windows with crowds gathering to see Queen Elizabeth).

The day was mercilessly hot and humid yet undaunted, the 84 year-old monarch completed a lengthy ‘walk about,’ speaking with many of the gathered well-wishers, inspected a guard of honour, received a military 21-gun salute, and eventually made her way to an awaiting car that whisked her and Prince Philip off to the airport for a trip to New York City where she later in the afternoon addressed the United Nations.

I’m almost certain that her last wave pictured below, was for me – well, maybe!

2 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth Visits My Office

  1. I saw Queen Elizabeth when she came to Ottawa to sign the constitution. I was at the back of the crowd in front of the parliament buildings but I was able to pick her out – obviously – from her hat!
    I also saw the Queen Mother back in the late seventies. I was on a trip to London and went to visit her home and by complete chance it turned out to be her birthday. While we watched they delivered her cake by horse and carriage. Very interesting!
    Evelyn in Montreal
    P.S. I hope you're able to participate in the Festival of Postcards (Locomotion) – it would be great to have another Canadian on board!


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