Gaull Great Great Grandchildren Connect

One of my paternal great grandmothers was Jessie McKenzie Gaull, daughter of John Gaull and Harriet McKenzie. John and Harriet raised a family of 13 children, at least 9 of whom married and produced many descendants for John and Harriet. In the photo above, taken around 1928, John Gaull is seated centre with some of his children and grandchildren.

Until a week ago, I had two things in common with Fiona T. and June M. – all three of us are among the great great grandchildren of John and Harriet and we had never met or connected in any way.

Fiona found the Gaull family information that I have over the past several months posted in this blog and contacted me. She then introduced me to another cousin, June, who as it turns out lives just over one mile away from my house! June and I have spoken by phone and hopefully soon will get together over coffee.

A couple of valuable lessons learned: a) genealogy blogs help you share your family stories but also help make important family connections and, b) don’t assume all family live a great distance away from you, sometimes you need look no further than your own ‘backyard.’

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