Surname Fun

Surnames are often found to be based on location or occupation so I thought that I would peruse my family history database with the intent of taking a lighthearted look at just what the surnames of those connected to either my wife and I might tell me about our family tree. I’ve capitalized all the surnames below that are from our tree.

Although we are not connected to the royal family, we do have a Royle family along with lots of Kings, Knights, Squires, and one Noble. We have no navy but lots of Saylors. For protection, we have an Archer and if we aren’t feeling well, there are lots of Nurses. Of course, while we haven’t always bragged about it, I must admit that there is one Hooker.

It looks like we won’t go hungry for I found that my family tree has Lamb, Rice, Fish, Ham, Bacon, and Beans. Fortunately we also have lots of Cooks and Bakers so no need for me to actually have to prepare the meals. If we need more, we have a Hunter, a couple of Diamonds, a few Bucks and a couple of Pennys.

For education, our family tree has a Dean and some Fellows but no college or university. The family tree has some Barnes with a Hatch, Locke and Keyes but no farm. There are Swanns and Birds and for recreation, a Ball – but just one. To help the family look its best, there is a Barber and some Taylors. I’m just not certain how good the family can look though as it has three Chinns.

There is a slightly darker side to the family tree as well that I should disclose for there is a Hack, some Flukes, a Gossip and lots of Lawless people. Sadly too, there are a number of Grooms, apparently jilted as I could find no brides.

Finally, for some colour, I noticed that the family has some Browns, Blacks, Greens, Grays and Whites – and I would be remiss not to mention the single Rose.

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