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Sentimental Saturday – Happy Halloween!

I am posting old photos from my collection with a brief explanation of what I know of the photo each week.

Well, today is Halloween. It is a day that evokes memories from our childhood, of costumes we wore, of friends we went out to ‘trick or treat’ with, and, of course, of candy.

For some of us lucky enough to be parents, it also brings back memories of our kids as they excitedly dressed up in costumes and beckoned for Mom or Dad to take them out. After all, candy was at stake!

Last year, I shared the first Halloween that my family had with all three kids. The year was 1988 and our youngest Jenna, eight months old at the time, joined her big sister Lisa and big brother John for the compulsory costume photo.

Jenna, Lisa and John Hadden on Halloween 1988

Flash forward three years to 1991 and Lisa and Jenna were ready for all things spooky on their Halloween outing.

Lisa and Jenna Hadden all set for Halloween in 1991

My late wife Karen usually made the costumes that our kids wore. In 1988, John was an ewok and in the photo was not wearing the head piece that Karen worked so hard on. In 1991, Lisa was, of course, a princess while Jenna wore a bunny costume made with love by Mom.

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