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Sentimental Saturday – The Sibling Gathering

I’m posting photos from my collection each Saturday along with a brief explanation of what I know about the picture.

They don’t get a chance to get together very often given that the oldest lives in the Yukon Territory.

So when there is an opportunity for the four Wagner siblings to all get together, they all attend the gathering.

That was case in 2006 when oldest brother Ted and his wife Marg were visiting.

The Siblings – (l. to r.) Ted Wagner, Mary Jane (Wagner) Richmond, Ellen (Wagner) Hadden, and Scott Wagner in June 2006

The photo was taken by Yours Truly at Iain and Jane Richmond’s home near Orangeville, Ontario in June 2006. The four Wagner siblings gathered along with their respective spouses for dinner and an evening of ‘catching up’ on family activities. The evening just begged for the sibling gathering to be captured in a photo.

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