Happy Easter!

My family didn’t celebrate Easter with a chocolate egg hunt, rather we left our hats in the living room, usually on the sofa, and the Easter Bunny filled them with chocolate treats. I have no idea as to where that tradition or the idea for it came from but the chocolate was always good and I didn’t get tired having to hunt for it!

Easter also meant dressing up for church and typically a day trip somewhere. For a time, the day trip was to Niagara Falls, Ontario. We enjoyed the scenery, well at least I think my parents enjoyed the scenery while we waited for them at signal that it was time to head over to the fudge shop. You know, the kind of shop that produces every imaginable variety and flavour of fudge that you could think of!

While we had to pose for photos on the eve of Easter usually wearing new pajamas, there was no such requirement on the Easter trip. Below is a moment that captures the magic of one of those early 1960’s trips to Niagara Falls when my father caught my brother and sister at the perfect moment smelling tulips in the spring, one of my absolute favourite family photos.

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