Gaull Cousin Is An Author

Pamela Gaull read my blog post in Scotland about my meeting with cousin June Morrison and realized that she and I were also connected as cousins. After she left a comment on the blog, we were able to connect by email, sharing information and photos. Since then we have added Facebook to our electronic connection toolkit.

As a result, I have been able to celebrate with Pamela from a distance, her accomplishment of having her first novel published, the cover of the book pictured below.

With the recent publication launch, Pamela has been on a bit of a promotional tour typical for authors – the launch party and book signings. On Saturday, September 11, 2010 Pamela attended a book signing in Ellon, a small town north of Aberdeen, Scotland. Not only was Pamela feted as a new and good local author, she was surprised when into the bookshop walked three other of our Gaull cousins.

From left to right, John Gaull Thomson, Pamela Gaull, Frances (McWilliam) Scorgie, and Fiona Thomson (daughter of John Gaull Thomson). I am a second cousin to each. Our common ancestors are John Gaull and his wife Harriet McKenzie. John Gaull Thomson is a great grandson, Frances and Pamela are great granddaughters, Fiona is a great great granddaughter and I am a great great grandson.

Ellen and I are planning to visit Scotland in a couple of years when I retire (Fall of 2012) so hopefully we’ll be just in time for the next book signing and family get-together!

Pamela’s book is available through

Disclaimer: I received no remuneration as a result of this post. I ordered my copy of Pamela’s book through Amazon!

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