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Independence Day Connections

Both my wife, Ellen, and I share American connections.

My mother was born in Detroit and moved to Toronto, Ontario with her parents when she was seven or eight years old. As her parents were Canadian and she lived her life in Canada, my mother was a very patriotic Canadian – who eventually, in her 50’s, formally became a Canadian citizen.

Ellen’s American roots are much more historic and revolutionary for some her ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War against the British.

Samuel Shumway, the brother-in-law of Ellen’s first cousin, 6 times removed Daniel Faulkner, was a private in the company of Captain Mallott, in Colonel Holman’s regiment, having enlisted around April 20, 1775. He was stationed at Roxbury, Massachusetts and eventually marched into New York state and took part in the Battle of White Plains. Following the fulfillment of his first enlistment, Samuel again volunteered to serve and re-enlisted around May 1777 in the company of Abel Mason.

Ammi Faulkner of Royalton, Worcester County, Massachusetts, enlisted in January 1776 for one year in the company of Capain Micajah Gleason, Colonel John Nixon’s regiment, in General Sullivan’s brigade. After thirteen months of service, he was discharged but around April or May of 1777 he re-enlisted, this time for a period of three years. He served, as assistant forage master, the entire three years plus an additional year for good measure.

And finally, as I posted previously, “On the night of April 18, 1775 the British troops began their move to Lexington where Hancock and Adams were located. Paul Revere set out on his ride, made famous by the Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 1861 poem, and traveled through Somerville, Medford and Arlington warning patriots along the way of the troop movement. After arriving in Lexington, Revere sent Dr. Samuel Prescott to deliver the message in Concord and then Acton. Dr. Prescott’s destination in Acton was the home of Major Francis Faulkner, Ellen’s second cousin, six times removed. Francis Faulkner is said to have fired three warning shots into the air as an alarm signal to assemble the local militia. The Faulkner home in Acton (pictured above left) had been purchased in 1733 by my wife Ellen’s first cousin, seven times removed, Ammi Ruhamah Faulkner, the father of Francis.”

How much more revolutionary can it get? Happy 4th of July, Independence Day to all of our American family and friends!

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