My Daughters Fight Back Against Cancer

How can you not be proud of daughters who have raised thousands of dollars for cancer research and who refuse to quit in their efforts until a cure is found!

Last year, my daughters, Lisa and Jenna formed a team to participate in the Princess Margaret Walk To End Breast Cancer – a 60 kilometre (over 37 miles) walk through the streets of Toronto over 2 days. Pictured below is my wife Ellen congratulating Lisa (on the left) and Jenna as they arrive at the finish of the walk. The walk and this fundraiser is special as their mother, Karen, lost her battle to the terrible disease in 2002. Karen particularly loved butterflies so the team is appropriately named “Karen’s Wings.” Both Lisa and Jenna sport T-shirts with Karen’s photo – and, as you can see in the photo, Lisa’s shirt announces “Now You Have Your Wings!”

Both Lisa and Jenna will again be participating in the 2010 walk and have already begun their fundraising to raise a team goal of $10,000 (the team raised over $8,000 last year).

The fundraising and awareness raising for cancer doesn’t end there. Lisa, a manager with Mark’s Work Wearhouse clothing stores, recently organized on behalf of her company, a fundraiser held at Toronto’s central Yonge-Dundas Square. The fundraiser was for North York General Hospital’s research for “cancers below the waste” which includes prostate, cervical and colorectal cancers. Named the “Underwear Affair,” this event involved teams of two donning size 100 underwear/briefs (or perhaps there are a few boats at the Toronto Yacht Club missing their sails) to participate in races through the busy downtown square. Lisa and her best friend Sherri were featured in Toronto newspapers in the photo below.

In addition to the newspaper coverage, a video of the event is available on YouTube and even made a spot on CNN!

Donations can be made on-line to support these great young women, Lisa and Jenna, as they continue in their efforts to see cancer eradicated!

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