More Connection Results

I’ve described previously how important I think it is to be connected through the Internet and the sites offering collaboration opportunities. Well, this week I experienced the benefits of this – again!

I have contacted by a Hadden cousin – a third cousin to be exact – that I had no knowledge of and to the best of my knowledge, no one else knew. Branches of families spread quickly and often go in separate directions particularly over multiple generations. My ‘new’ cousin, Mary and I share Alexander Bean Hadden and his wife, Jane Mathieson as our common ancestor.
Alexander was born in September 1836 in Udny, Aberdeenshire, the son of James Hadden and Mary Smart. He married Jane Mathieson in May 1857 in Monquhitter, Aberdeenshire and together they had ten children. Their sixth child, a son John is my great great grandfather. The seventh child, a daughter and John’s sister Mary is my ‘new’ cousin Mary’s great grandmother.
Mary and her husband live in Melbourne, Australia but despite the distance between us we are able to share family information. We are able to share family stories, photos, and documents that have benefited both of us in our knowledge and understanding of the Haddens and related families. I have helped unravel some mysteries for them and they have provided me with a glimpse of Hadden ancestors I had not previously seen.
So the lesson is reach out to those who are searching for information about your family surnames and lines. Not everyone will be related to you but when you do connect with someone that is subsequently confirmed as a cousin, it makes the effort well worth it.

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